Rectron Icon Pack

bannerRectron is a very unique icon pack which was designed after a lot of tinkering with the design ideas and concepts. A unique rectangular design with subtly rounded corners makes it stand apart from all of the basic shape icon packs in the play store. It is further enhanced by adding low poly design element which makes it unique in it’s own special way. With bright and vibrant material palette colors and perfect icon masking, rectron surely will be your first choice if you are looking for something unique .

Standout Features

  • Over 2580 icons.
  • Support for most popular android launchers.
  • Material Design Dashboard.
  • Cloud wallpapers & Muzei support.
  • Perfect icon masking.

Some of our user reviews

Richard Romero   Great looking icon pack. Great job Wallpapers are cool too. This is a 5 plus star.

Bikram Agarwal   Unique and beautiful set of icons. I like that this is not another round or square icons. Wallpapers are also beautifully matched with the icons.

Get it on Google Play


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