[SALE] Shady Icon Pack

shadyThe much awaited update has been pushed to the shady icon pack adding over 850 new icons and exclusive new wallpapers. Another goody that comes along is that Shady is also on SALE for a limited period. You can grab it for as low as $ 0.99. Shady is a clean and minimal two tone icon pack with trailing long shadows. If you love clean & minimal homescreen, then shady icon pack is definitely for you.


  • 750+ new icons added
  • Redesigned over 20 icons to newer design
  • All new exclusive wallpapers added
  • All new material design theme dashboard
  • Fixed many activities

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Crushed Paper Icon Pack

crushed-paperAsymmetrical edges and wrinkles with vivid colors is what makes this icon pack. Every single icon has been crafted to provide a unique crushed paper effect which not only adds substance to your homescreen but also provides a unique experience that you would expect from a top notch icon pack. Continue reading

Frosty Icon Pack


A very different semi-transparent theme with a perspective. Frosty has been designed differently, with hazed semi-transparent round icon accompanied by a similar white round semi transparent border around it. What makes it different from other icon packs is it’s icon masking, you can barely tell any difference between themed and un-themed icons and the same was praised by talkandroid over here . If you want an icon pack that will theme all of your apps, then look no further than Frosty.  Continue reading

Aerus Icon Pack


A completely vector icon pack to deliver the highest possible quality. Aerus has a unique shape like none other and comes with slightly muted colors. It has a simple, elegant and sophisticated look to provide clutter free, no nonsense home screen experience. If you are looking for something simple yet elegant, then look no further than Aerus icon pack. Continue reading

Fab Icon Pack (FREE)


A completely free icon pack which includes over 2580 icons. It has all the features that you would expect from a paid icon pack including regular updates (yes, you heard that right). Fab has a subtle gradient effect which moves from the center of the icons towards the edges accompanied by subtle bevels around the edges to separate the icon from the background. With slightly raised glyphs, fab follows a distinguished design approach that  you would not find in any other Free theme. Continue reading

Rectron Icon Pack

bannerRectron is a very unique icon pack which was designed after a lot of tinkering with the design ideas and concepts. A unique rectangular design with subtly rounded corners makes it stand apart from all of the basic shape icon packs in the play store. It is further enhanced by adding low poly design element which makes it unique in it’s own special way. With bright and vibrant material palette colors and perfect icon masking, rectron surely will be your first choice if you are looking for something unique . Continue reading